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December 17, 2017 5:27PM
90 Day Fianc Star Mohamed Jbali's Green Card Gets Denied - In ... - In Touch Weekly
In Touch Weekly90 Day Fianc Star Mohamed Jbali's Green Card Gets Denied - In ...In Touch Weekly'90 Day Fianc' star Mohamed Jbali revealed that he was denied a green card and fans are wondering if that means he'll get deported.90 DAY FIANCE Mohamed Jbali posts green card denial letter - will ...Starcasm.net'90 Day Fiance' News: Mohamed Jbali Post Letter Showing His ...The Inquisitrall 4 news articles

Immigration Lawyer Memphis Tennessee

Memphis Tennessee Green Card and Immigration Lawyer

At Villafana Law, PLLC, in Memphis, Tennessee, we serve individuals and businesses throughout the Memphis metropolitan region with a full range of individual, family and employment immigration law services. Our firm is recognized as a responsive, compassionate and cost-effective immigration law firm.

Contact our offices to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our experienced attorneys about your specific legal need.

We represent clients worldwide in immigration and nationality law. We help clients with consular processing issues and represent clients in federal court litigation, along with many other immigration matters:

Individual naturalization and citizenship law:

Green cards
Preparation for citizenship test
Immigration and removal appeals
Removal relief and defense
Visa applications and waivers
Deportation and removal defense

Employment-based immigration:

EB-5 investor visa program
PERM labor certification and permanent resident status
Visas for working professionals
Visas for athletes and entertainers
Treaty traders and investors
Visas for health care workers
Employer sanctions and sanction defense
Multi-national executives
Schedule A visas

Family-based immigration:

Lawful permanent resident status for spouses, parents, and others
K-1 fiancée visas
K-3 marriage visas
Visas for parents, family and close relations

Discuss Your Immigration Law Needs in a confidentail consultation

Contact our offices to discuss your immigration law needs with one of our attorneys today. You will receive experienced advice on your legal situation in a confidential consultation.

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